Best Ways To Remove Invisible Germs From The Upholstery

Your upholstery might not have any stains or spots and might even look quite clean, but that does not mean it is actually so. There are often invisible germs in between the fabric fibres that can cause serious damage and even lead to a pest infestation.

 Normal upholstery cleaning by Couch Cleaning Sydney involves getting rid of the dirt on the surface, but it hardly does anything to the germs hiding in the fabric. There are three types of invisible germs that can really cause harm if not removed from the fabric surface. 

Remove Invisible Germs From The Upholstery
Remove Invisible Germs From The Upholstery

These Germs Include:

  • Staphylococcus Aureus – This type of bacteria spreads very fast from furniture to linens and even personal care products. It can cause boils, rashes and serious diseases.
  • Pseudomonas – This bacteria weakens the immunity system and can lead to skin and eye infections. It can affect anyone who comes in contact with your upholstery, even for a very short period of time. 
  • Aspergillus Versicolor – If the conditions within your home are very humid, or if the upholstery is damp, it allows this fungus to grow very fast. Very soon, fungal spores will spread throughout your home and can seriously affect the health of everyone, causing respiratory problems and severe allergies. 

Now, while these are harmful, you can remove them and maintain proper hygienic conditions.  There are three methods that you can use to remove these germs completely.

Best Ways To Remove Germs From The Upholstery

  • Use Steam to Clean your Upholstery – Steam cleaning in location_name is a good way to get rid of germs. The high temperature of steam draws out germs and takes care of the bacteria. The upholstery will look clean and start smelling much better than before. To always keep your upholstery fabric clean and fresh, you should use steam at least once every three months. 
  • Apply Vinegar on The Upholstery Fabric – Vinegar is one of the best cleaning agents for upholstery and it removes germs very quickly. You can create this natural cleaning solution using vinegar and olive oil. Apply it onto the upholstery and wait for about a minute. Then use a damp cloth to wipe the material. This will effectively remove germs from your upholstery and keep it clean. However, vinegar is not suitable for all upholstery fabrics, so make sure that you read the instructions manual before proceeding with the process of Upholstery Cleaning Sydney
  • Spray a Disinfectant on The Upholstery – A disinfectant or a steriliser can also be used on upholstery. If the fabric is not too delicate, then you can spray the upholstery with a good quality disinfectant from time to time. Disinfectants specifically created for use on fabrics will get rid of all germs. 
Upholstery Invisible Germs Removal Service
Upholstery Invisible Germs Removal Service

When sprayed on upholstery, disinfectants can remove invisible germs from the seams as well as from between the fibre s. Before you buy the disinfectant, check the packaging for an EPA registration number which is given only to products that meet all standards. This means that the fabric of the upholstery will not be damaged by bad quality disinfectant. 

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