How to Remove Red Wine Stains from The Sofa

Wine stains could be persistent and sometimes very ugly when removed with the help of DIYs. Although we won’t say that DIYs are wrong as they are the easiest and a cheaper alternative to be opted for in that condition. Whether it be anyone, nobody likes to spend extra bucks on the things which could be done by them.

Moreover, while we are suffering from this pandemic, I hope that you must have known the true potential of the internet. It could provide you a solution for everything, whether it be your expensive sofa or your cheap upholstery. But while following it, you have to keep in mind to always follow the exact steps and do it with proficiency.

Sofa Red Wine Stains Removal Service
Sofa Red Wine Stains Removal Service

As One Mistake Could Double Up The Burden Which You Were Trying to Sort Out Easily – 

  1. With The Help of White Wine –

    We all have heard of diamond cuts the diamond, but here we have wine cuts. Leaving apart the joke what you have to do is:
    • The moment you have spilled the wine, rush, and grab the bottle of white wine. Gently pour the amount of white wine which you think that you have spilled. Let it set for some time so that the stain could get thoroughly absorbed.
    • After some time, wipe the stain with the help of a clean cloth. If you think that a highlight is still left, then sprinkle a pinch of baking soda. Let it rest for a few minutes and wipe it with a clean cloth.
  1. With The Help of Detergent

    Detergent or washing liquid could remove almost any stain similarly it could treat this stain also!!
    • Take the detergent powder or liquid and dilute it with water (Measurements would be 2 cups cold water and one cup detergent).
    • Once ready, take a sponge and let it absorb the solution, and with the help of it, clean the red wine stain.
    • After the process of couch cleaning in Sydney, wipe the spilled area with a clean cloth so that you could remove excess soap solution.
  1. With The Help of Vinegar and Baking Soda

    As we have mentioned earlier, baking soda has a rapid effect in the process of cleaning red wine stains. But in this step, you just have to change the applying procedure and follow these steps:
    • Sprinkle the baking soda powder on the area where you have spilled the wine. Now cover the sprinkled area with the help of vinegar. So that both soda and vinegar could settle on the spill.
    • To know the effect, you would get to observe the formation of bubbles. Once they start to appear, it means that your DIY is up to the mark.
    • Leave it for some time and let your DIY enjoy its privacy with the wine stain. Then after a few minutes wipe it with a clean damp towel or cloth.
    • Also, you can repeat this process to the extent where you feel it’s cleaned thoroughly.
Remove Red Wine Stains from The Sofa
Remove Red Wine Stains from The Sofa

I hope that these 3 DIY ideas would surely help you in treating the mess. Remember not to just rub the stain.

Out of frustration because it will turn into a blunder. You have to be very gentle with it and if you can’t be gentle then please take professional help!

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