Steps For Leather Couch Cleaning

Couch cleaning is an essential job; if you don’t clean your couch every day, the dust will sit on the surface of it. Making the leather fabric weak, leather couch cleaning should be done regularly and carefully. If you do not maintain the couch properly, the fabric will get wear and tear in few years. The leather is the strongest fabric material and yet fragile, you need to follow the proper measure for your leather couch cleaning.

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While cleaning the sofa, make sure that you’re not using a harsh cleaning agent. A harsh cleaning solution can damage the leather fabric. So, choose your cleaning solution carefully, do a spot test before using it, take this as a precautionary.

Here Are Steps For Leather Couch Cleaning.

Vacuum The Couch Thoroughly:

A leather couch has a resilient-seeming surface, and the fabric material is slightly porous. Any dirt and grime can sit into the fabric and cause damage to the upholstery. Thus, vacuuming the couch is very important, so that

Spot Clean Leather:

The leather is a kind of material which is hard to clean, you cannot use too much water or any harsh cleaning solution on the leather as it can damage the fabric and cause dryness and cracking.  Only clean those areas which are affected by stains or dirt by using a soft cloth, water and a mild detergent.

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Clean The Leather:

Leather can be easily damaged by water thus, do not use water to rinse the affected area. Instead, condition the leather.

Cleaning Mould And Mildew:

To clean tough stains and mould, use vinegar, Add a small amount of vinegar in water and then apply it on the fabric surface. Do not wipe the surface to clean, because dirt and grimes would rub against the fabric and cause damage. Dab the cloth and let the spot dry on its own.


A commercial leather conditioner would be appropriate for keeping the leather shiny and prevent the fabric from cracking. You can use a silicon-based spray as well, it’s the best available item to polish and condition the leather fabric.

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