How Can You Clean a Sweaty Sofa?

Sweaty sofa with awful odor ruins the whole atmosphere. Sofa can easily absorb any material with low viscosity, including, water, juice and even sweat. In such cases sofa cleaning becomes somewhat difficult, due to this peculiarity that you cannot see the litter much but can feel the hard impact. The remedy of the problem may look quite ordinary but is highly effective. By following some clever strategies anyone can get rid of a sweaty sofa.

How Can You Clean a Sweaty Sofa
How Can You Clean a Sweaty Sofa


Do not get afraid by the fancy name. Deodorizing is a simple set of some procedures by which you can get the sweaty odor from your sofa off without any extra efforts. In the beginning you need to start with vacuuming your sofa with an upholstery brush attached to it. Vacuum away all the debris and dust stuck in your sofa. Remove cushions and seats and vacuum both the sides. This makes the sofa dehumidified along with better cleansing.

Now you need the basic remedy, the basic reagent which is used in most of the cleansing processes, baking soda. Baking soda is the main solute in sofa cleaning reagents. Sprinkle the baking soda on the sofa, especially on the upholstered parts. After you have removed the cushion and the seats of the sofa completely sprinkle baking soda underneath the seats. Use enough baking soda such that it covers the whole area of the sofa.

 Let it sit without any disturbance for around 20 minutes straight. Baking soda has a strong absorbency power; it can ultimately soak the sweat from the wet parts of the sofa. You can keep the same for a whole night if the odor is more acute. At the end of the process just vacuum the baking soda off the sofa and cushions.

What About Leather Sofas?

Leather is mostly reluctant to absorb, but the same problem can persist on the same sometimes. As the most efficient remedy you can use enzyme leather cleaners. The constituent enzymes of the cleaner break down certain bacteria which are responsible for sweaty odor. For stains you can assist any hydrogen peroxide solution. Hydrogen peroxide is quite effective to remove perspiration stains from clothes and fabrics. 

Another remedy for the same is using a neutral soap.  Neutral soaps such as Castile need to be mixed with warm water. The solution prepared from the solution needs to be applied over the particular area or the whole sofa with a clean cloth. Blot the particular spot till the stain completely gets removed. 

In some pity conditions keeping the sofa set in the sunlight would be the best remedy. Sunlight is the best natural remedy for this solution. To remove sweaty and wet odors from the fabrics this step is most effective. For removing the stains you can use any of the above stated sofa cleaning reagents.

Clean a Sweaty Sofa
Clean a Sweaty Sofa

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