How Scotchgard Protects your Costly Sofa?

You buy costly sofas and other furniture to give your household classy look. For them, we also spend significant time and money just to protect them, in other words to protect the money. Different sofa cleaning tactics and strategies are used just to protect them from the outshine look forever. Above all of them we roam around to see some remedies which can save our sofa sets. We are here just to discuss the remedy, Scotchgard.

How Scotchgard Protects your Costly Sofa
How Scotchgard Protects your Costly Sofa

What is Scotchgard?

After hearing the name for the first time the first question which will surely pop in your mind is the same which is mentioned above. Scotchgard in simple terms is a stain and water repellant in form of a spray which acts as a guard for your furniture. As already mentioned it protects the furniture from different stains and water. It was first developed by an American company 3M in 1952. From the same year it continued its growth.

The use of Scotchgard is not just limited with sofas; it can also be applied in wide variety of upholstery items including carpets and rugs.  

Here are Some of The Key Benefits of Scotchgard:

  1. It Protects Sofa from Dust and Debris –

    As sofas receive heavy traffic throughout the day, they are likely to catch dust and debris. Such dust and debris get stuck to the edges and on the surface of the sofa. The cover of duct makes them look messy and quite dirty. After applying Scotchgard the chances of dust in your sofa is minimum. This is due to the protective layer that forms over the surface which does not allow any dust to settle for a longer time.
  2. Reduces Moisture Absorbency –

    Many times the sofa sets absorb sweat and juice and can ultimately spread various awful odors over the whole room. Various sofa cleaning processes are not effective when it comes to dehumidify the sofa. By having a protective coat over the surface of sofa reduces the percolation rate of water and sweat.
  3. Stains Can Easily Be Cleansed –

    Stains are more prevalent in sofa sets. They receive heavy traffic and there are quite significant chances of accidents and spillages which can leave a stubborn stain over the surface of the sofa. Fortunately, stains can easily be cleansed out over the surface due to the protective layer of Scotchgard. Just wiping the stain by a plain towel can eliminate the stain. 
  4. No Place for Molds’ Settlement –

    During the whole process of sofa stain protection in Sydney, many times in some inaccessible regions of your sofa set, molds are likely to grow and prevail. The protective layer of Scotchgard does not provide a settlement base for the growth of such microbes.
Protects your Costly Sofa From Scotchgard
Protects your Costly Sofa From Scotchgard

Why Choose Us?

Scotchgard is likely to look like an attractive option, but there are certain limitations of the same. It is difficult for ordinary people to apply it effectively over the whole furniture. In such cases we come for your rescue. We at Couch Cleaning Sydney, provide professional assistance in applying scotchgard over your sofa’s surface at pocket friendly rates.

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