How To Choose Cleaning Agents In Housekeeping

New thinking and modern living have brought about a number of changes in the choice and lifestyle of every individual. With the modern way of living becoming a want to most of the population. The load on the pockets of maintaining them has also increased. To understand the issue let’s first find out what is upholstery?

In simple language, upholstery can be defined as materials or fabrics such as padding, springs, etc. That makes the soft covering for your comfortable seat and support for chair, sofa, and various other furniture.

Purchasing Lavish and beautiful furniture can be a heavy deal and the problem doesn’t end there. Maintaining and upholstery cleaning can be a tricky subject as well. The most common concern faced is choosing the right and best couch cleaning agent in housekeeping. Here are some steps and cleaning agents to help you with your problem.


  • First and foremost, always check the care tag on your upholstery before using anything. As they give you an idea of what and how you should use your cleaning agent without harming your upholstery fabric.
  • Secondly, it is always wiser to do a spot check in a concealed or low visibility area. To check the effects of the solution on your upholstery fabric. 
Cleaning Agents In Housekeeping

Here is a list of cleaning agents for upholstery cleaning

1. Hoover cleanplus concentrated solution: 

Hoover clean plus concentrated solution as described by the care instructions, is water and solvent-based cleaning solution. Most Upholstery cleaning solutions work by lifting the stain or soil from the fabrics. This solution is one of the most popular choices that can be used manually to clean any type of carpet or could also be paired with any of the upholstery cleaning machines.

2. Wine Away Red Wine stain remover: 

Wine Away Red wine stain remover as described by the care instruction is also a water-based and water and solvent-based cleaning solution that can be used on upholstery fabric stains as well as stains on any kind of carpet. This solution works wonders and completely removes fresh stains and lightens the old and dry stains as well. So why not give it a try? 

3. Bissell little green portable carpet and upholstery cleaner:

This small, easy-to-use device is suitable for use on upholstery fabrics that are water and water and solvent based solution friendly. This Bissell’s Little Green upholstery cleaner can remove stains as well as clean your entire sofa without damaging the surface making your work a lot easier and more fun.

4. Weiman leather cleaner wipes:

Carpets and fabric surfaces can be cleaned but a dirty or stained leather seat that can be sitting in your car or in your living room can give you a hard time cleaning it. In such situations, Weiman’s wipes are here to save your day. These wipes clean all the grime and conditions, polishes the surface as well as protects your leather upholstery. 

5. Scotch-Brite Large Surface Roller:

Cleaning a small stain can be easier than a big surface which can be covered with dirt, hair, or any of the foreign substances. Scotch-Brite large surface rollers can easily help you with these problems. The sheets on Scotch-Brite’s roller are stickier and easy to use and the best part is, this cleaner can be used on any of the upholstery fabrics. 

So, What are you waiting for? Get your gear and Happy cleaning! And if you don’t have much time contact us and get a express Quote for upholstery cleaning.