Tips on Maintaining Professionally Cleaned Upholstery

Your upholstery needs special care in order to maintain its pristine look. Professional upholstery cleaning is the best way to extend the life of your couches and sofa. This in turn, enhances the décor of your living room or office. In addition to that, professional upholstery cleaning helps in improving the quality of air.

However, it is very important to maintain the couches and sofa after the professionals complete their cleanup actions. Maintenance of upholstery is generally required in houses that have family dogs or small children or members that smoke.

It might often seem to you that your upholstery is clean but in actual it is housing bacteria, fungus and dirt. Therefore, it becomes important to look after the sofas and couches which can be easily done by following some easy steps. This will increase the life and durability of your upholstery.

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 These Steps Include –

  • Cleaning of Upholstery on a Regular Basis –

    Basic cleaning will help to avoid the accumulation of unwanted materials like dirt, bacteria, and fungus. It will also brush away some of the hidden materials like germs, stains, allergens, and dander. You can also use vacuuming techniques to make your cleaning task easier. Vacuuming between each professional cleaning will provide you better results.

  • Covering your Sofas and Couches – 

    Covering your upholstery can protect it from any type of stains or damage. You can use a piece of fabric draped over or tucked into a sofa which will act as a slipover. You can convert blankets, sheets or tablecloths to slipcovers that will save you from spending money. Slipcovers help in taking care of the sofa’s armrests and cushions as they absorb the brunt of daily use and dirt. Plus, slipcovers are easy to wash and they can add look to your sofas if it has different patterns and colors.

  • Avoiding Exposure to The Pollutants –

    Exposure to direct sunlight and close proximity to uncovered windows can degrade the look of your sofas and couches. In addition to that, fumes from the kitchen, smoke, rainwater spray and other airborne pollutants can cause harm to the fabric of your upholstery which in turn makes the look fade away. To avoid this, you need to position your upholstery so that it does not get damaged.

  • Keeping your Home Properly Ventilated –

    Foam of upholstery weakens after absorbing the odors, therefore, it becomes necessary to provide proper ventilation. Dampness can easily be dealt with if your house is properly ventilated.

  • Tackling New Spills or Liquid Mishaps Immediately –

    If you come across any new spill then try to clean it with the usage of specialized products that are specially made for the fabric of your sofas and couches. This will prevent any long term effect of the spill or any dirt build-up.

  • Turning Cushions Often –

    Rotating the cushions from one part of the sofa to another part can ensure even usage and this will in turn not degrade the quality of foam and fabric of the most used area. This simple life hack can extend the life of your upholstery. Fluffing the cushions after hire professional upholstery cleaning helps them keep in shape.

  • Using an Upholstery Protectant for your Sofa and Couch –

    Upholstery protection ants help push away the stains from the fibers of the fabric. Such protectants act as an invisible plastic sheet to avoid deep penetrations of new spills. Scotchgard is being widely used as a protector these days. It seeps into the fabric of the sofa and couch and brushes away all the dirt particles along with oils that may destroy the life of the upholstery.

These tips mentioned above can help you maintain your upholstery especially when you have invested a huge amount of money in professional upholstery cleaning in Sydney. You are advised to clean your sofa and couches on a daily basis in addition to calling professionals once or twice in a year for cleaning purposes as that may provide better results.

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The installation of upholstery in homes is a high investment. You need to protect them by taking regular care. Daily maintenance and routine professional upholstery cleaning will ensure that your upholstery and your home is fresh, clean, and healthy.

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