Tips to maintain your sofa

Sofa in our homes is necessary furniture in the home. We invest a lot of money to buy a sofa which fits in our home environment. Sometimes a small carelessness causes damage to the sofa and upsets us. However, maintaining your sofa isn’t a difficult job, there are certain tips and tricks to keep your sofa nice and clean. In this article, you’ll read how you can maintain your sofa and increase its lifespan.

  • Tip number-1) Always clean your sofa regularly

Vacuum your sofa at least twice a week thoroughly. This will keep the sofa clean and free from dirt and debris. When you don’t clean your sofa regularly, the dust sits deep inside the fabric and cushions. Thus, clean your sofa from every side, not only it’ll remain clean but look tidy as well.

  • Tip number-2) Deal with stains instantly

    Sofa Stain Removal Services
    Sofa Stain Removal Services

Stains can happen on the sofa. In case you spill something, address it quickly. So that the stain won’t dry and sits deep. Use a cleaner to remove the stain, a wet stain can be easily removed. Whereas dry stain won’t easily go. If your sofa has leather material, you should have to act fast, if anything gets spills on it, wipe it quickly.

  • Tip number-3) Get a lint roller

A lint roller is a very useful tool, if you have pets in your home, you should get a lint roller. Run the roller on all over your sofa. You’ll see the hair and other debris will come out from your sofa.

  • Tip number-4) Leather sofa should be cleaned gently

    Leather Sofa Cleaning
    Leather Sofa Cleaning

A leather sofa is fragile, though their durable cleaning it with harsh chemical would damage it. Thus, consider the preventive measure before cleaning is important. You can condition the leather though, use commercial conditioner, it’ll make the leather new and shiny.

  • Tip number-5) Use a cloth to cover the sofa

Whenever there’s some function, party or any other thing, you can always protect the sofa by using a cover. Also, when an ordinary sofa or leather sofa is not in use cover it. It will be protected from dust.

Choose professional for taking care of your sofa

Sofa Cleaning Service
Sofa Cleaning Service

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